Launching a new 3D printing business!

Eclipse AM specialises in additive manufacturing (AM), which is better known as its simpler form of 3D printing.

Phil Smith has stated that “This company has always been a forward-thinking company”. Phil Smith runs Staffordshire Precision Engineering and he attended his open day with brother Gary Smith.

Phil continues with “When 3D printing was first introduced it was largely unknown and ignored, but we jumped at the chance when we were given the opportunity to create this new great company alongside Simon Scott”.

“Adopting additive manufacturing (AM) as a proves within our business makes complete sense” Phil states. He has also said that “is a move which will give Staffordshire Precision a competitive edge against other additive manufacturing (AM) suppliers”.

Launching a new 3D printing business!
Launching a new 3D printing business!
Launching a new 3D printing business!

After spotting a gap in the marketplace, Phil, Gary, and Simon all decided to launch Eclipse AM as they wanted to support companies which would require complex solutions that can be resolved by additive manufacturing.

This new found partnership will give companies access to additive manufacturing in many industries such as aerospace, pharmaceutical and more.
Simon Scott, Eclipse AM managing director, has said “I spoke to companies about becoming involved with additive manufacturing (AM) and it was only when I was introduced to Staffordshire Precision Engineering that I had that light bulb moment”.

Simon is over the moon that he can see his vision happening “Now that vision has become possible thanks to bucket loads of determination and the help of many different people”.

“We want to be recognised as the industry leader in the supply of additive manufacturing (AM) components” Simon continued. Simon is also thankful for the technology “This new technology is one way in which we are going to try and achieve that”. The new 3D printing technology has been used to manufacture parts for F1 cars and more.

Renishaw, based in Stone, is one of the pioneers for Eclipse AM and Stephen Crownshaw, AM’s business manager, has embraced the launch of Eclipse AM.

Stephen has said “Staffordshire Precision Engineering and Simon Scott have come together to form a company and have grasped the opportunity to use and invest in additive manufacturing (AM) to take that company forward”.

Stephen added “It’s nice to see a business that is looking to take it on as a lot of people are talking about it but not many people are actually doing it”.

“We have worked with Staffs Precision for many years, so it’s nice to be able to support this new business. We wish them all the best” Stephen finished.

We have promised to create 10 jobs before the end of the year as its all part of our ambition to grow a £4 million turnover to £7 million by 2020.